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2024 Digital Marketing trends: Why you need to stay ahead of the curve

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Every year businesses, customers and the rest of the world are stunned by how many fresh ideas and solutions flood our screens and daily lives. It’s almost impossible to keep up with our technological and human demands, but as a business, knowing how to stay afloat in such a competitive landscape is crucial. 

We have already witnessed the innovations and marketing trends of 2023, giving an insight into how the world will adapt to AI and the great shift in how ecommerce and online shopping work. But what is in store for digital marketing now we’ve entered 2024? 

Privacy and data protection

As technology grows, so does the need for extra protection and data privacy. When it comes to online exposure, personal information, location services and customer trust, businesses must ensure that if they are updating their systems, they are also updating their security measures.

Privacy and data protection can vary from removing explicit footage from social media platforms to retaining personal information such as addresses, bank details and identity. Every single industry and business will have a level of privacy that they must adhere to, ensuring their users, customers and audience remain safe online and avoid dangers such as hackers, fraud, abuse, harmful content, GDPR and a a whole list of other issues. This means businesses will be developing new and more intense ways to protect everyone online, using features such as face recognition, password protection, two-factor authentication and updated terms and conditions.

User-generated content

Compared to a few years ago when creatives would have to invest in high-tech cameras, studio equipment and digital softwares, brands are now utilising UGC crafted by customers and audiences as everyone has access to modern phones and tools which are high quality and valuable. Not only does UGC provide social proof and increased engagement, but it also makes for creative, unique content which introduces a sense of community and appreciation between brand and customer. 

A focus on social commerce

We’ve already witnessed a huge selection of online retailers and brands invest in social commerce. Whether they are selling clothing, cosmetics, shoes or homeware, this has proved to be a great hit from both a business and customer perspective. 2024 will not only see more brands investing in this method but will also see the introduction of new features and techniques with a primary focus on customer experience and driving sales. Brands will go heavier on the social ads whilst also investing more in influencer marketing, PR and content creation.

Voice search optimisation

One of the biggest benefits of all this new technology is the convenience it has brought to daily life. But this also means that traditional methods such as searching a query on Google are deemed too long-winded. 

Operating with voice search offers a new, modern way for content to be discoverable whilst still ranking high in search engines. This means businesses need to adapt how they use keywords and long-form questions to meet the needs and preferences of a voice command. 

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Mobile first strategies

Over the past few years, businesses of all sizes have begun transforming their content and marketing approach to adapt to mobile usage. Due to the soar in popularity, 2024 will see a huge focus on mobile-first design, with businesses prioritising mobile optimisation in the form of responsive web design, screen size adaptability, mobile-friendly email campaigns and the development of mobile apps. Brands must take on this approach to position themselves amongst competitors and meet the demands of their customers. 

AI and generated content

We’ve already seen how much attention and usage Chat GPT got when used by marketers and creators, and this platform is really only just the start. Now that people are learning how they can use AI and digital automation to their advantage, there is plenty of room for other systems and platforms, allowing marketers and audiences to benefit from digitally generated, convenient, accessible information. AI will be used extensively through digital marketing, covering topics such as content, communication, customer service, sales, e-commerce and more, elevation what businesses can achieve and what they can give to their customers.

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Digital marketing strategies by Imaginaire

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