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The World Of AI Influencer Marketing

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In just a short space of time, AI (artificial intelligence) has made it possible to generate text and even replicate famous singers in songs without the original singer having to sing a note. But if you thought that was the end of AI, it’s only just begun as you can now create your own influencer too.

You may be familiar with human influencers on social media platforms such as Instagram or YouTube. AI influencers also look to promote products or services in exchange for money, with the slight difference that they aren’t real humans like typical influencers. 

As a brand, you may use influencers as part of your marketing strategy, especially when it comes to finding innovative ways to reach your target audience. 

So could AI influencers become a part of your marketing strategy? Here’s the lowdown to tell you more. 

What Are AI Influencers?

what are ai influencers

AI influencers are virtual characters that have been built using open-source generative image models which produce highly realistic images. The result produces a character that looks and sounds like a real human. However, every detail of how the character looks along with everything they say is pre-programmed.

Some of the most common ways that AI influencers are used are for content seen on social media or video platforms. This can include the likes of explainer videos through to social-commerce, depending on how the character has been programmed. 

It’s possible for anyone to make an AI influencer including Individuals or companies. While AI influencers can be used for entertainment purposes, they can also be used for marketing products and services on behalf of a company. 

Pros & Cons Of AI Influencers

The format of AI influencers is still relatively new. So when it comes to deciding whether an AI influencer is best for your social media campaigns vs using a real human, there are advantages and considerations to weigh up. 


Full creative control – An AI influencer is custom-built to look, sound and say exactly what you want it to. So unlike having to hire a model or even try and get a typical influencer to work with you, with AI influencers, you call the shots. 

24/7 availability – AI influencers don’t have scheduling conflicts or even limits to the number of hours they work. This means you can always use your character to create the content you need. 

Data-driven insights – AI in itself can collect data and analyse trends. Therefore, an AI influencer can be programmed with these data insights in mind to make impactful and effective content as a result. 

Consistency – AI influencers offer a consistent way of delivering the brand message, and even have a consistent appearance and sound. Human influencers can’t match this level of ‘perfection’ as humans are constantly evolving. Plus, we humans get tired, ill and also age!


AI isn’t always considered genuine – Even though the capabilities of AI are incredible, your audience can still tell the image or video is not human. AI influencers use natural language processing (NLP) to form their speech, yet this still doesn’t replace the true natural wording or intonation of humans. Therefore, your audience may find the content doesn’t look as genuine as if a real person was speaking. 

Ethical concerns – There are various ethical concerns surrounding AI influencers depending on how the content is used.

Limited creativity – AI influencers are built based on set parameters that are available in the software. They don’t contain unique physical features, and instead create ideas that are based on data. In contrast, the human mind can create ideas and concepts based on human experience and interactions. Humans are not limited to automation. 

Dependent on technology – AI influencers are digital entities created by software. This leaves companies or individuals vulnerable to issues such as the software ceasing to exist or data breaches. 

Imaginaire – Digital Marketing Services For Businesses UK 

Whether you’re all for AI influencers or prefer to keep a human edge to your brand, the team here at Imaginaire is here to help your business with all things digital marketing.

Based in Dubai, we offer specialist web design and marketing services to businesses across the UK. 

Let us know more about how we can help your business through our vast range of marketing services by dropping us a message or giving us a call at 0115 697 1541. 

Rachael is a content executive with Imaginaire. With hands-on experience with all things marketing, she has the knowledge and know-how to explain and advise almost any topic you can think of!

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