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Shopify Marketing Strategies To Look Out For

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Shopify is an incredible ecommerce platform that is purpose-built for selling online.

But even if there are plenty of features to make selling easy, the effectiveness of these tools counts on you understanding what these are. Plus implementing the various strategies successfully.

With so much competition, every conversion matters for your Shopify store.

So here are some tried and tested methods to market your Shopify store to help you gain more customers, plus retain your existing ones. 

Targeted Popups

Most of us are familiar with pop-ups on ecommerce websites offering us a discount code or asking us to sign up for a mailing list. But if you thought the humble popup was nothing special then think again! 

According to Mailchimp, website popups have a conversation rate of between 11% and 23% depending on how engaging the design and overall messaging is.

So when it comes to boosting sales, a targeted popup is one of the simplest ways to capture leads and encourage repeat visits to your store. Best of all, popups are very easy to design and implement meaning they aren’t costly or complicated to do. 

Email Marketing

Allow your website popup to work its magic and you’ll soon grow a healthy list of email subscribers. From there, you can send engaging, segmented campaigns to your Shopify customers that sell.

As of 2024, email delivers an average ROI of $42 (£33.26) for every $1 (79p) spent. 

So while email marketing is easy to overlook in favour of more contemporary marketing techniques, it definitely shouldn’t be forgotten. 

Use the data you have about your customers to cater to their wants, needs and preferences within the emails you send them, rather than creating send-to-all email blasts hoping for the best. 

Welcome emails have a typical open rate of 91%, making them the perfect introduction to your brand to also encourage sales and customer loyalty. 

Cross-Sell Products

If you own a Shopify store, then cross-selling with additional or related products just makes sense. So rather than thinking of a product as a single entity, consider what items it could be bundled with to maximise the value of customer shopping baskets.

For instance, if you sell sports shoes then pairing those shoes with custom laces or shoe cleaner is ideal. Whatever your store happens to sell, cross-selling is all about finding relevant or helpful product links to boost sales. 

Don’t Forget SEO

It’s true that Shopify does do most of the work on your behalf, especially if you choose a template and make use of the available plugins. That said, some work is still needed from your side. Ensuring your store and products are SEO-friendly is right up there.

In a recent blog post, we gave you some top tips on how to do SEO for Shopify. To summarise, you need to use the right keywords and phrases and also factor in the search intent of your potential customers. Even the best-designed Shopify store won’t get visitors if it’s not SEO-friendly, so make sure you are making regular investments in your organic search strategy. 

Beyond optimising individual pages and products, adding a blog can also help pull in visitors to your website. So now is the time to think about the type of content that will align with those searching for your products online. 

User-Generated Content

All of us search for reviews when buying products online, and the customers of your Shopify store are no different. 

But beyond listing customer reviews that have been posted directly under the product, you can also collect mentions of your brand from across the internet for marketing material. This is known as user-generated content.

On the whole, user-generated content is extremely valuable because instead of you talking about how great your products are – someone else is tooting your horn on your behalf! All of which can look far more genuine and when used correctly can result in more sales for your business. 

Imaginaire – Ecommerce Web Design & Development UK 

Mystified by all things Shopify? If you want your Shopify store to generate more sales, then Imaginaire is here to help.

We offer a full suite of ecommerce services including ecommerce web design, development and digital marketing.

So whether your Shopify store could benefit from a customised theme or simply a more effective paid ads strategy, you’re in the right place!  

Let us know how we can help your Shopify store succeed by getting in touch with our team.

Please drop us a message or give us a call on 0115 697 1541 and we’ll be right with you.

Rachael is a content executive with Imaginaire. With hands-on experience with all things marketing, she has the knowledge and know-how to explain and advise almost any topic you can think of!

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