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What Is Remarketing And How Can It Help My Business?

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One of the main questions we’ve been getting recently is ‘what is remarketing and how can it help my business?’, so hopefully this helps!

If your business has been advertising through the Internet (whether via SEO, Facebook Ads or Google AdWords), you might have heard a new buzzword that’s being thrown around lately: remarketing.

But what is remarketing?

In a nutshell, remarketing campaigns are about reaching customers that have already visited your website, showing them your advert and then bringing them back to your website.

There are various platforms for remarketing campaigns, our favourite is Google Remarketing (with Facebook’s equivalent coming in a close second).

Pretty powerful stuff, when used correctly.

If you think about your own behaviour when browsing the internet, do you sometimes look at a website, think ‘yeah, I want some of that’ only to be distracted and forget about the website you were on?

That’s what makes remarketing so powerful. It allows you to reach the potential customers that may have been on your website, thought about getting in touch and then had the kids come in from school, closing your website and forgetting all about you.

So, how does remarketing work?

Essentially, remarketing works by placing a small piece of code on your website (you can decide whether to have the code throughout your entire site or just on specific product pages).

This code then tells the remarketing platform (i.e. Google) to start remembering the people that have visited your website and storing them in an ‘audience’.

When the audience is big enough, you will be able to show a text or an image advert across Google’s display network.

Google’s display network is HUGE. In fact, it reaches a whopping 92% of internet users (Source: Google).

The display network is basically made up of some of the most popular websites on the internet that have agreed to show adverts within their content (think The Telegraph, The Independent et al).

So, what does that mean for you?

Well, it means that your advert could be shown to people that have visited your website and then gone on to read an article on The Independent. They see your advert and it reminds them that they were on your website, and were interested in your products.

BANG, they’re back to your website and, more often than not, they’ll make an enquiry.

We see remarketing as a way of recycling your website traffic and minimising waste. There’s nothing more heart breaking than thinking a customer has visited your website, been ready to buy and then been distracted and left, never to return again. Remarketing helps to eliminate that.

What are some advanced features of remarketing?

In its most primitive form, a remarketing campaign collects an audience of everyone who ever visited your website and then shows them a generic advert about your services.

But what if you have a diverse offering? Think of us as an example, we do web design, but we also carry out SEO campaigns and PPC campaigns. All different disciplines in themselves.

A more advanced remarketing campaign would be made up of different audiences – i.e. one audience for people that had looked at our web design services, one for those that had looked at our SEO pages and one for those that had looked into a Pay per Click campaign with us.

You can then create a customised advert for each one, meaning that your advert resonates with that audience more effectively.

You can also target a specific geographic location. Maybe you think you’ve wasted a lot of the traffic you’ve received from Mansfield, so why not set up a remarketing campaign specifically for that area?

The list goes on and on, it’s a really exciting product and one that we thoroughly recommend.

How Can It Help My Business

Remarketing can help your business to capture traffic that, ordinarily, you would have lost. This means that you can reel potential customers back into your website and consolidate the reasons that they should choose you as their supplier.

It can be hugely powerful because it reaches so many people. A pro tip would be to set up a remarketing campaign on Google’s Display Network and on Facebook — this would allow you to reach customers basically anywhere that they were online by hitting the most heavily visited websites on the planet.

We often find that conversion rates (i.e. the translation of people visiting a website to making an enquiry) are much higher with remarketing campaigns than all other channels. This is because they’ve already visited your website and they know what you’re about, so if they’re visiting again, there’s a decent level of interest there.

You’ve worked hard to build up your website traffic and probably invested a fair bit of money in doing so, so why let it go to waste?

If you’d like to have a chat about a remarketing campaign, give us a shout and we’ll be happy to advise you.


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