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Meta Business Suite: What it is and how it works

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Meta Business Suite, previously named Facebook Business Suite, is a free online tool which allows businesses to manage their content, marketing, communications and advertising all in one place, covering Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. By having all these features in one suite, managing social presence is more efficient, time effective and accessible and also means that businesses can control different brands or services at the same time through both desktop and mobile.

What features does Meta Business Suite include?

  • Manage Facebook and Instagram business pages
  • See combined notifications: you will see notifications from both Facebook and Instagram, making them easier to monitor and compare
  • Create and schedule new posts and stories with recommended time frames and an online content calendar
  • Access to commerce manager
  • Messaging services from one unified inbox
  • Create and send automated responses: ideal for common questions, automated responses can monitor messages and maintain customer experience
  • Monitor ad campaigns
  • Control access and permissions for different pages and accounts
  • Review analytics: includes all post insights, helping with aspects such as results, content and audience
  • Setting to-do lists: allows you to prioritise and note down tasks including descriptions or team collaborations
  • Content Inspiration: post recommendations can inspire and streamline sharing and can offer new ideas for stories, content or services

Leveraging Meta Business Suite Insights

Meta Business Suite makes it easy to track businesses and campaigns across social and messenger platforms. Here are some of the insights provided and how to use them to benefit a business.

Ad spend

This modern software allows you to track ad spend across all Meta platforms. Based on performance, you’re able to adjust spending accordingly and redirect a budget if needs be. By reviewing data and analytics you are able to spend money where it’s proven to be successful and compare both Facebook and Instagram to find out which technique works for which platform.


By releasing insights into organic and boosted content engagement, Meta Business Suite provides feedback on how well content is doing in terms of the number of likes, comments, shares and interests. Meta Business also provides numerous features which will boost engagement levels such as suggested schedule times and location services.

Audience Demographic

With Meta, you can see data based on personal profiles, offering a deeper insight into who is viewing your page/account. This information includes things such as where they are from, their interests, gender and age. From this data, you can then plan and edit posts around the findings and create relevant content that is suited to your audience. For more detail about creating personal content, take a look through our blog here.

Benefits of using Meta Business Suite for marketing

Marketers specifically are beginning to venture onto Meta Business Suite. Not only is this platform free and easily accessible, but it also comes with all the features needed to create and analyse a social media marketing campaign.

  • Managing updates in one place: When running a business campaign on either Facebook or Instagram, staying on top of updates can be time-consuming and easily missed, especially when done manually. Business Suite makes it easy to view all updates in one place, including direct messages, likes, shares, comments and tags.
  • Sharing content: In a social media campaign, the content being shared across both sites is typically the same, so creating and sharing it in the same place is efficient and straightforward. Instead of using a third-party tool or doing this manually, marketers can use the suite to plan ahead, scheduling a month ( or longer ) worth of content at the recommended time. This also ties into the main drawback of using Meta Business Suite where marketers might also be using other platforms such as LinkedIn or Twitter which are not included and would require third-party software.
  • Data and analytics: Marketers usually have to analyse and find data from multiple sources which can become time-consuming, confusing and hard to manage. But Meta Business Suite provides a one-stop solution to this and also includes features such as exporting a file to allow complete flexibility.

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