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Link building techniques for Ecommerce businesses

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As an ecommerce business, your products must appear when a potential customer types in a related search query on Google. After all, the better your search engine rankings, the more likely clicks and conversions are to happen. Acting as a sign of trust, backlinks demonstrate to search engines that other people find your content helpful. Backlinks are a key aspect of off-page SEO, though sadly aren’t that easy to come by despite being very important for your rankings. There are lots of ways we can help your business get more backlinks, as ecommerce website designers and marketing experts ourselves here at Imaginaire. In today’s post, we will cover some of our top tips to get more backlinks, so that your e-commerce website is more likely to be found by your customers. 

Have A Website People Want To Link To

This first tip to get more backlinks is so commonly overlooked yet crucial. That is to have a website that’s functional, engaging and provides a helpful experience for users. Part of our logic here comes from our vast experience in designing and building e-commerce websites. In short, having a design that works can’t be skipped if you want more backlinks. If you don’t believe us, would *you* visit, share or link to a website that didn’t work properly or looked terrible? Unsurprisingly, the way your customers think and react to bad website design is much the same. In contrast, having a great user experience makes us want to share this with others. When that happens, backlinks do too! So don’t delay in contacting us for a consultation if your website is lacking in the design or functionality stakes since your SEO as a whole depends on it. 

Add A Blog To Your Website

Once your website is looking (and acting) sharp, you can start looking for ways to get more backlinks. As an ecommerce website, you might specialise in certain types of products. Your industry and target customer provides endless opportunities to write content – all of which can be placed on a blog on your website. Blogs are a great sales pitch in themselves. But they also can be shared by others when this content provides a great read. Various CTAs can be added into a blog to encourage more shares on social media platforms or on external websites. All of these methods equal backlinks for your website. 

Guest Blogging

By the same token, it’s also possible to write blogs which link to your website, and only publish them on a different website to earn a backlink. This is known as guest blogging. The key with guest blogging is to select a website with good domain authority, so that link juice will be passed to your website. Anchor text should also be used over relevant keywords in the piece which carry the link back to your website. Many websites accept guest post submissions, usually for a fee. The website may also have other guidelines to be followed which the author will need to take into consideration. 

Product Reviews

Ensure your ecommerce store can be reviewed on all applicable platforms. Each platform should carry a link back to your website.

In addition, you can also try influencer marketing. This involves sending a product to someone who has a website or sizable social media presence, in exchange for a review of your product and a link back to your website. As well as influencers, you can also request journalists or other industry professionals to write a review of one of your products. The only caveat for this backlink technique is that content will need to be labelled as sponsored. 

Create Press Releases

Have any data about your business, industry or consumer trends that could be newsworthy? If so, you could release it as a press release, with the condition that if used, the publication includes a link back to your website. There’s no guarantee that a press release will be of interest. Though it helps if you consider what the reader of that publication would best respond to.

For instance, say your ecommerce store sold roof tiles. An idea for a press release would be to talk about the average cost of a new roof in the current year or even surprising roofing trends. Apply the same logic to your industry to find interesting angles which you can back up with your own research and data.

Directory Listings

Remember the Yellow Pages?

Now ways of finding businesses or services have moved online. There are endless types of directory listings, and at least some will be relevant to your ecommerce business. This includes whether you have a local business, or if your ecommerce business trades globally. For each directory listing you add, a backlink can be generated for your website. A major advantage of this backlink building technique is that the best known directory websites tend to have high domain authorities, especially for small local businesses. 

Imaginaire – SEO Link Building Agency Dubai

Does your ecommerce business need more backlinks?

Make sure your SEO efforts are put into the hands of professionals with our marketing experts here at Imaginaire. We’re based in Dubai UK and offer marketing services on a global scale through the engineering, construction, jewellery, retail and luxury e-commerce sectors.

To discuss more about backlink strategies, or any of our other services, please drop us a message, or give us a call on 0115 697 1367

Rachael is a content executive with Imaginaire. With hands-on experience with all things marketing, she has the knowledge and know-how to explain and advise almost any topic you can think of!

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