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How we’re working through COVID-19

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The past few months has undoubtedly been the most difficult period since the global recession in 2008. COVID-19 has completely turned the world upside down and created a new normal that we’re all adjusting to.

Until now, we’ve held off talking about it too much publicly. Imaginaire has continued to trade and work on behalf of clients throughout and will continue to do so.

Despite our continuance, we have, like many businesses, been forced to change the way that we do things, namely:

No in-person client meetings

Until we’ve received the go-ahead from the government, we won’t be holding traditional face-to-face meetings. We’ve been continuing to hold new business and existing customer meetings via video call however, and have actually found this to be more efficient.

We pride ourselves on the personal level of service we provide, so this was a pretty radical change for our typical “come in for a coffee” meetings.

Office layout changes

We’ve re-jigged our office and have been blessed with having a large space, allowing our staff to come back to work last week. This is not an enforced decision however, our staff are able to work from home if they feel uncomfortable being in an office environment.

Social distancing measures have been put in place, along with sanitisation stations by the front door and throughout the office.

It’s pretty strange, but we’re getting used to it and being disciplined.

Other news

New team member

Despite the turbulence, we’ve actually been very lucky to have clients that have continued to market despite the uncertainty. We’ve actually gone against the grain slightly and hired a new member of staff. Hector joins the team as graphic designer and is already working hard to maintain our high standards.

New clients

We’ve been fortunate to win some new clients during lockdown.

We Buy Property Dubai have had a full brand and website design from us and we are now marketing on their behalf.

We’ve also carried out the full brand and web design of Inspired Washrooms — a new company that’s looking to become the leading commercial washroom installer in the UK.

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