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How Colour Theory Affects Conversions

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Colour is a powerful tool that can instantly communicate a message to your audience. Depending on what you are trying to say and to who, the colours you use can either be highly influential or an instant turn off. That’s why it’s important to get to grips with the messaging behind colours, particularly when you are looking to up your conversions.

In today’s post, we will be looking at how colour theory affects conversions so that you can better understand the visuals aspects of your marketing strategy.

Colour Theory: An Overview

All colours have symbolic representations that are attached to them. Learning to understand the associations of a particular colour is helpful to be able to translate that to conversions. Here is an overview of how colour theory can be best understood:

Red: Love, passion, fire, anger, spice, violence, danger, attention, warning, strong.

Orange: Optimism, impatience, cheerful, creative, flamboyant, exotic, flavour.

Yellow: Happiness, energy, stimulation, warmth, communication, caution, philosophy.

Green: Earth, regeneration, growth, safety, healing, luck, jealousy.

Blue: Calm, contemplation, water, sky, sadness, logic, truth, faith.

Indigo: Spirituality, wisdom, dignity, royal, theatrical, critical, insightful.

Violet: Mystery, luxury, intuitive, emotional, magic.

Decoding Colour Theory

mcdonalds branding color theory

Colour use is very closely tied with psychology. Certain colours can evoke a particular reaction. For example, blue is associated with water and sky. As well as being calming, blue also signifies trust which is why you’ll see many banks use blue in their logo as well as news websites. However, when used in food blue will suppress appetite. After all, would you eat a blue burger? Therefore, it’s certainly not the case that one-size-fits-all when it comes to colour!

The use of colour is complex as it’s not just the colour itself but the placement and the purpose that determines how successful it is. Some colours have stereotypical connections too, such as pink being feminine and blue being masculine. Of course, these associations are being constantly challenged too as we head into the future and develop a more open mindset than previous generations. So, it’s important to remember that the spectrum of colour in a marketing sense goes far beyond the basics.

Turning Colour Into Conversions

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Colour can be a very valuable asset when it comes to getting those all-important conversions. It all boils down to considering your audience and message, rather than just the individual colour alone.

A common example is McDonald’s. Have you ever noticed how their logo uses red and yellow? It’s a guerilla marketing technique to represent fries and ketchup. Red is also an energetic colour that signifies fast food, hence why you’ll commonly see it used in takeaway signage. That doesn’t mean to say your company has to use the exact colours of your product either, but in some cases, it can be extremely effective.

Aside from the branding, messaging can also be conveyed via colours. A notable example is how red is used in sale placards in store or as a banner on a website. It immediately grabs your attention and conveys that sense of urgency. Likewise, green signifies a sense of safety as it’s associated with nature and plants. It can also be the opposite of red which we would think of as a warning or danger. This is why many companies will use a green tick on their products, as it reassures customers on a subconscious level.

To Sum Up

Colour is an imaginative resource that can really bring your campaign to life. Whether you are looking to shake up your branding or push a new product, choosing the right colours to convey the intended message is key. Considering your brand, target market and product will help determine which colours are best suited for the job. Remember, it’s not always about what you like but what will actually work! This is especially the case with web design which has little room for error when it comes to your colour use.

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