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How A/B Testing Can Help To Increase The Number Of Leads You Get

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Is your website in need of some fine-tuning? In order to remain competitive and increase turnover, all websites need to offer a smooth journey for the customer. The challenge is getting into the mindset of your customer, since they may not think or behave as you expect when on your website.

One such method of understanding user behaviour on your website so that you can adapt your offering to suit is A/B testing. It can be extremely effective in helping you to gain a better understanding of what you need to change so that the right aspects are adapted without removing what actually works well. 

Ready to maximise the potential of your website? Here is an overview of A/B testing to tell you more. 

What Is A/B Testing?

split testing

A/B testing (also known as split testing) compares two different versions of a website or app, to determine which one performs best. From the results this generates, you can then set about tweaking the poorly performing aspects of your website since A/B testing will tell you exactly what these are.

The process begins by conducting thorough research. Data will be collected relating to how your customers currently use your website, such as using heatmaps to determine where users click the most and what is being ignored. Gaps in the user journey will also be identified, along with how long each user spends on your website on average.

Conclusions will then be drawn about the current user behaviour and how that correlates with your business goals. The needed changes will be put into practice through the two different variations of your website or app. This will help determine which changes are effective so that they can be put in place. 

The tests can be carried out using A/B testing when only front-end changes are required. Alternatively, split URL testing will test different versions of your webpage hosted on alternate URLs. Split testing is more suited when significant changes are required. 

Why Should You A/B Test?

  • Get more conversions with less investment
  • Solve visitor pain points
  • Reduce bounce rates
  • Make low-risk modifications
  • Feature changing

How Will A/B Testing Bring More Leads To My Business?

a/b testing conversions

Your website is the digital face of your business which makes it a very powerful marketing tool. However, if there are issues with its design or functionality then your conversions will be hindered as a result. A/B testing (or split testing) is the equivalent of getting under the bonnet of your website, by figuring out where things are going wrong so that they can be fixed.

However, instead of making dramatic changes and hoping for the best, A/B testing puts the changes into practice to see how effective they are, to ensure the changes will genuinely be beneficial. It’s also going to help you direct your marketing efforts to the most valuable areas of your website. 

A/B testing will also help you figure out the reason behind a high cart abandonment rate or leaks in your conversion funnel. Or why people are quick to exit your website (bounce rate). 

As with any problem, if you let it continue it will only get worse. When you rely on generating leads for your business, every effort must be taken to resolve such issues. A/B testing is therefore one of the best ways to remove all of the pain points from your website so that your customers are more likely to hang around and ultimately spend money with you.

Find Out More

Are you interested in getting more leads for your business? A/B testing is one of the many lead generation services we provide here at Imaginaire. Taking a comprehensive look at the performance of your website is the best way to identify any problems with it, especially if you want more conversions.

Book your free consultation and we’ll get to work on devising a strategy tailored to your business. Or, drop us an email or call us on 0115 971 8908 to find out more.

You can even get a free website review from our specialists here at Imaginaire, just head over to our free website review page to get started!

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