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Call to actions: What are they and why your website needs them

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Whether you are running an online ecommerce store or have just had a brochure website developed, CTA’s will be a key feature involved in your marketing strategy. In today’s hyper-connected and competitive world, creating attractive content is key to getting your customer’s attention and pushing them to do your desired action. From signing up for a newsletter to making a final purchase, CTA’s are used to stand out from your other content and impose a level of creativity and persistence. 

What is a call to action?

A call to action (CTA) is a marketing term that refers to the next step a marketer wants its audience or customer to take. The CTA will have a direct link to a sale, product or action. For example, it will encourage the reader to click a button to lead to the next step, or it may result in a direct purchase. Different businesses will have different CTA’s depending on what their main objective is but most of these features will be sure to stand out and have a clear, direct message.

Examples of a CTA include a banner stating ‘ read more ‘ or ‘ sign up now ‘. 

How to create an effective CTA

  • Use powerful vocabulary
  • Provoke emotion or enthusiasm
  • Add branding or personalisation
  • Keep it simple and straight to the point
  • Have a contrast in colour and design
  • Be creative

Benefits of a CTA: Why your website needs a call to action

No matter the nature of your business or what your website is being used for, there will always be an end goal for your reader. Whether that’s simply to read more articles, buy a product or follow you on social media, there needs to be clear and easily navigated ways for these tasks to be completed. When designing and developing a website, having CTA’s in place will offer several benefits…

Increased of engagement

Rather than just reading or scrolling through one page of your website, having a visible and effective CTA will make it more likely for your customers to engage further than their immediate landing page. This will lead to engagement on other platforms, pages or services and will keep current readers on your website, reducing bounce rates and increasing leads. For example, a reader may go from reading one article to another or may buy more than one product. 

Conversion rates

Similar to engagement, conversion rates are more likely to increase due to accessibility and encouragement. CTA’s will ensure that more conversions are transformed into successful leads and customers are taking the desired next step.

Email subscribers and members 

For businesses that have monthly newsletters, announcements or membership services, CTA’s are the ideal way to grow the numbers and get more customers on board, thus leading to higher retention rates and greater engagement all around. Many CTA’s will encourage readers to sign up for newsletters, input personal details, sign up for a membership scheme or create an account. Having these features in place puts the option right in front of the customer and is often as simple as one click. 

Add a sense of urgency 

Often when shopping online, customers aren’t faced with any sense of urgency and will sometimes shop around other websites or look at competitors before making a purchase. CTA’s are ideal for urging customers to make these purchases and reduce things such as cart abandonment. Adding a CTA which states ‘ for a limited time only ‘ or ‘ complete your purchase ‘ will make it more likely for a customer to go ahead with their action and avoid further distraction. 

Sharing and interacting

The more users that share content, the more likely it is that your site and products will get seen. Many CTA’s encourage customers to share content with their contacts or social platforms by using a simple link stating ‘ share now ‘. This will either allow them to post the link using social platforms or share the URL through text, email or other forms of digital communication. 

UX Design

With Imaginaire, your ecommerce store evolves into more than just a marketplace—it becomes a seamless journey that begins at the first click and concludes with a satisfied customer who’s keen to return.

Importantly, our designs are responsive, providing a consistent shopping experience across all devices—be it mobiles, tablets, or desktops.

Interested in elevating your ecommerce store? Let’s chat. With Imaginaire, we blend excellent UX design with your business goals to create an online experience your customers will appreciate.

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Annie is imaginaire's Digital Marketing Executive and covers topics such as social media, web design, SEO and content.

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