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4 Ways to Optimise Your Marketing

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Marketing has changed a great deal over recent years, and, thanks to technology so has the way we track our efforts. The software we now have access to can significantly help fine tune our marketing strategies and boost those all important conversion rates.

Optimising your marketing is essential in adapting your message and staying in tune with your target audience. By understanding what works well for your business will help you to move forward and build on those successful strategies.

Failing to optimise your marketing could easily leave you lagging behind, pushing a campaign that’s no longer relevant. Therefore, to ensure you have everything you need and are clear on what’s required, we’ve put together the following 4 tips to help you optimise your marketing.

1. Use data to fine tune your marketing plan

It’s all very well putting together a comprehensive strategy based on what you think will work. However, if you want to optimise your efforts and really boost conversion rate, then your strategy should be data-driven.

Three key elements are required to build a data-driven plan:

  • Informative data: This can be taken from your emails, social media, Google Analytics and your website.
  • Tech: By this we mean a comprehensive platform that will not only build and deploy campaigns but also collect the right data.
  • A Plan: being able to accurately use the data to guide your marketing.

By using data, you are able to reflect on what works and what doesn’t. This will help prevent you from treading water, wondering why ‘those Instagram posts aren’t working’ or why ‘people aren’t engaging with videos on Twitter.’ Every businesses is different and what works for some won’t work for others.

Analysing your data will therefore help to show where your marketing efforts and budget are best spent.

2. Focus on your conversion rate

This is key when it comes to marketing, ultimately, the more conversions the better. Achieving a high conversion rate is no mean feat and can require a lot of time, trial and error and resource. However, taking the time to optimise your conversion rate will deliver invaluable results for your business.

We advise that you focus on three areas to hone in on your marketing and help ensure it converts.

  1. Focus on your ad copy

It’s quite incredible how many businesses neglect this and just write any old thing in the hope people will click. In all honesty – they won’t, unless that business gets lucky.

Competition in the ad world is now fierce so when you come to creating a new online ad, really focus on the copy. Research some high intent long-tail keywords to ensure your ad appears in accurate search results. Then make it speak to your target market so they are compelled to click.

  1.  Be relevant

If there are too many disparities between your ad and landing page, potential customers will bounce right off. It’s therefore crucial that your ad links through to a highly relevant, up to date landing page.

In order to convert, you want to ensure that the user journey is as smooth as possible. If a customer clicks on an add for golf clubs, they want to land on the page with the golf clubs and a simple click to buy process. If they have to navigate elsewhere to find them, chances are, they won’t make a purchase.

  1. Optimise your landing page design

Run A/B tests to check which designs, text, images and layouts work best. This will help you to distinguish the elements of your page that work well and boost conversions.

By covering these bases, you’ll ensure that your ads attract click throughs from users who are genuinely interested in your product or service and therefore more likely to convert.

Create relevant content

As inbound marketing forms a key part of successful strategies nowadays, creating relevant content is crucial. It’s the hook that draws your potential customers in and can often be the difference in them going with you over a competitor.

Therefore, when creating blogs, user guides, videos and any other types of content it’s important to put yourself in your customer’s shoes. What is going to make them want to check out your content in an already crowded space? What makes them tick and what are the pain points that you can solve?

Rolex provide an example of content marketing at its best. Designed to be as sophisticated and timeless as its watches, the brand shares beautiful product images on social media. The minimalist, eye-catching photography has a highly curated look, designed to appeal to the exclusive lifestyle Rolex customers are likely to have.

Like it’s watches, the brand adheres to a quality over quantity strategy with social media and delivers it with the precision customers expect from Rolex products. This strategy directly appeals to the brand’s target market by sharing images and content that they can fully associate with.

Therefore, whether your brand has a quirky, fun personality or a sophisticated sensibility, ensuring your content marketing follows suit will help optimise your marketing efforts.

Be purposeful with your ad spend

Advertising online has changed a great deal over recent years. Marketers now have the power to hone right in on their chosen audience making adverts far more targeted.

This is all well and good, but if you aren’t monopolising on this, your budget could be wasted. When spending on an online ad, seeing a good ROI is key – otherwise, what’s the point?

So, take advantage of the targeting features now readily available and spend that budget well – whether it’s £20 or £2,000. For example, Facebook is constantly improving it’s promoted post features, meaning you can target your ad based on an impressive amount of characteristics and demographics. From spending habits and special occasions to marital status and political preference – you can really make that budget work for you.

To sum up

With the technology we now have at our fingertips, effectively optimising your marketing is easier than it once was. By following this guide, you’ll have a good starting point and be able to truly reflect on what works best for your business. It is, however, important that you don’t just do this once. For best results, regular optimisation is key to ensure you spend time and effort effectively.

Digital marketing is incredibly time consuming, and not many business owners have the time to do it themselves, or the resources to hire their own in-house marketing team. The experts here at Imaginaire Digital can solve that. So if you’re looking for a digital marketing company in Dubai, Derby or Mansfield, get in touch with us today.

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